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Present day

Characteristics Number of employees Turnover Position on the market
DM full service 1st place
Lettershop up to the 3rd place
Call centre up to the 3rd place
Provision of data 1st place
Direct mail distribution 2nd place
Indirect mail distribution up to the 3rd place
Hand completion and packingup to the 3rd place
Membership clubs up to the 3rd place

Membership in organizations


Company turnover development Turnover growth chart

Significant milestones
1994 establishment of the company
1995 the company starts to build up its own database of legal entities
1996 the company builds its first workplace for personalization
1997 the company acquires its first large client – Prvú stavebnú sporiteľňu
1998 the company builds its first call centre
2000 the company starts its first full–value fidelity program in Slovakia
2001 the company of „Prvá Doručovacia”, as a 100% subsidiary of Direct Marketing, s.r.o., is established. Its mission is to focus on mail delivery
2002 the company buys packing devices and builds one of the largest independent workplaces for hand and machine packing
2003 the company acquires its up–to–date largest client – Orange Slovensko
2004 the company increases its basic capital and transforms into a joint–stock company
2005 the company becomes the leader on the market in the segment of full service direct marketing companies
2007 the company introduced a network of dealers for door–to–door sale
2008 doubled capacity of call center agents
2009 B2B and B2C databases available also for Czech Republic
2010 portfolio of data services extended by advanced data analytics skills, data mining and geomarketing
2011 developed „DataHomio“ – software for data homology
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